4 Smart Ways to Have an Online Presence for Businesses

Posted by: Dave March 10th, 2014



It’s ironic that a lot of online shops don’t have a physical counterpart in the real world. This means two things: First is that businesses are evolving. And second is that local businesses that don't have a website are being left behind.

Another way of viewing this is that the online website is indeed a physical shop. The difference is just it's online.

Basically,it all boils down to this phrase: "You are invisible if you don't have an online site."

Today, you should consider having an online presence as a priority.

Furthermore, here in the online world, the competition is harsh. If you don’t have an online presence at all, it only falls one of the three: 1. You dont intend to participate at all, 2. You already gave up, and 3. You just don't know how to start one.

Assuming you don't give up and assuming you want to take part of the huge market online, then it’s about time to learn about how to start building a presence online. We at C5WebDesign would like to keep you informed. So here are 4 ways to build your presence online that we see fit for anyone who has a business or product - big or small.



1. Have a Website

Undoubtedly, if you don’t have a website you’re technically have no online presence. Yes, social media are there but most of the time it won’t suffice. The reason being is that having a website implies that you have an official and legitimate business. It also gives opportunities for customer to connect with you online. Another thing is that your loyal customers are able share your website and contact details to their friends (makes word of mouth a lot more easier). Lastly, having a website will make customers feel a lot more comfortable buying or using your service.

The benefits of having a website are countless. You should know that customers are getting wiser. 78% of internet users conduct product research online before even engaging with anyone. If you don’t have a website then you missed 78 percent of the whole market. You can just imagine the gravity of not having one.


2. Be Active in Social Media

You may have an idea of the importance of having a Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare account for your local business. Through these social media you can let your customers feel that you are a live business and are into current trends. They also get updated on what is new with the business. Though you don’t necessarily get an increase in sales or orders just by having social media, they are great complements for an official online store and great for getting interactions (through shares and likes).


3. Create a blog and Start Interacting

Blogging is a great way to keep your loyal customers informed for any updates you have with you and your company. Blogs are also a great way to ignite interactions. A fine business always keep customers engaged.

Furthermore, search engines specifically Google loves websites or blog sites with helpful information. If your company is an expert or a restaurant that offers exquisite recipes, then you can keep the world informed about your uniqueness through blogs.


4. Build a Mailing List

E-mails are quite effective in staying connected with customers, especially the ones who have already tried your services. Mailing list is possibly the best method to offer personal offers and perks to your loyal customers. You can inform them ahead for sales, special offers, tokens, or coupons. This gives your customers a reason to come back. Building an email list may not be easy but it gets easier over time and very beneficial once established.


Bonus: Don’t forget the Mobile Customers

Today, 37.6 million buyers in the USA alone buys online stuff using their mobile devices. This tells that a trend is happening and everyone is on mobile! If they could transact on their phones, then they would prefer it. This is very crucial.

You may use all the methods above yet still be ineffective if those sites or pages are not mobile-responsive. Meaning your customers won't be able to access or read clearly the online sites. Much worse is their attention span is not that high when using these devices. 

If you’re serious about your business, you should start caring for your mobile online presence as well. We at c5WebDesign make sure you have good mobile responsive themes designs to reach the millions of mobile users out there.

Hope these tips are able to help you and your business. Feel free to contact us for any assistance regarding these matters. You might also want to check our themes!

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