6 Points to Consider in Choosing a Concrete5 Theme

Posted by: Dave May 6th, 2014



So you finally started with a Concrete5 powered website. If so, you are probably considering some cool themes to get started. That’s great! However, there are actually some things to take note about web design that most people, especially starters, don’t know.

The design of the theme or basically the web design in general is crucial when building an online presence. You should always remember that your website is the closest you could get to have a physical counterpart online. This is why the more you should care about today’s market, wherein customers are unforgiving. They leave if they find your website unappealing even at a first glance! This post offers 6 points to consider when choosing a theme in Concrete5 or any other themes out there.


1. The Theme Should be Readable

The primary priority in considering a theme is readability. Always remember that the reason you created a website in the first place is because you have a message that you want to put out there. It might be a product that you want to promote, a service you offer, a brand you want to be recognized, or it could also be your ideas or thoughts you want to share.  If the site is not readable, whatever the content may be, then that purpose is lost.

Ensure you pick a theme that uses adequate font and size, and readable color schemes, especially when it comes to layers and backgrounds. Pick layers and backgrounds that don’t conflict with the texts or images. You want something pleasing to look at. Usually, bright neon colors are not that inviting. Also, you may want to consider proper placement of contents for a smooth reading experience for your viewers as they scroll through your site.


2. The Page Should Load Fast

Viewers have little patience for slow sites. They decide in as little as 3 seconds to close your page and move on to another. Unmindful back-end coding could result in slow and unresponsive websites that push away potential customers.

Of course, the theme is not all to blame here. You may be enticed to add as many unnecessary images or codes to get that amazing look, but this may have an effect on speed. Go for faster themes. Check the demo of the theme and see if it takes time to load.

Always focus on adding the necessary details on a site. You can check your site’s loading speed using this developer tool in Google  or a number of other websites that gauge loading speed. If your site ranks poorly for load time, try to figure out what’s causing it and find the right solution for it.


3. Allows to Add the Right Content

Make sure that the theme does not detract the crucial part of your content. Poor theme designs overwhelm viewers, in which they get lost in the mayhem. Also, poor design may not allow you to add all the necessary information. 

For example, you may pick a template that doesn’t allow you enough room to post all your products. The cardinal rule is never allow the theme to inhibit the display of your contents.

Clients need clear directions when viewing your website for them to proceed where you want them to go.  Add your call to action button, contact information, location, and everything else you deem fit. Don’t let a restrictive theme curtail your site’s purpose. 


4. The Theme Should Draw Out Your Personality

Your website is your online counterpart. If you want to look professional online, you need to have a website design that shows that. Make sure the theme you pick matches your business’ personality. A trendy looking website with wacky fonts may not be appropriate for a business that handles financial information. Instead for this kind of business, the theme picked, as much as possible, should evoke an appearance of trustworthiness.


5. The Theme Should be Modern

People of today prefer modern looking websites. People do judge a book by its cover, especially when it comes to online sites.  It’s fine if you have created a site years ago, but it is wrong if you fail in updating it.

You probably could tell some of these websites because when you see them, you feel like you are on an instant backflash of the 90’s.

This is why if you were to choose a theme, go for modern looking ones - ones that people of today would trust or would love to view. Although this is mostly subjective, you can still notice a huge difference basing on the traffic. Furthermore, those old landing pages that are full of spam or pop-ups won't work on today’s market.

Having a site that has a stale design will most likely evoke a stale response from its viewers. It’s a sad truth, but you can always avoid this by updating your site today and choosing the right theme.


6. Mobile Responsive

Your theme should be mobile responsive. Google conducted research that indicated a huge loss of traffic if the website is not mobile responsive.

With the advent of mobile devices, customers now browse websites and services online through their smartphones. They search online for information they need while they are on the go.  This is where they get information on where to buy their next pair of shoes or where to have their laundries washed. If you don’t have a mobile responsive website, then you are losing millions of customers.

In considering a new theme, make sure it caters to the increasing population of mobile device users out there. If you are not sure if your site loads properly on mobile devices, then use this mobile checker to see how your website looks on mobile.

As you can see, it is in your best interest to take time when creating or choosing a theme for your website. With all the crucial points above, you now have an idea on how to pick a concrete5 theme or a web design in general. If you are interested in knowing more about mobile responsive website designs that look modern and are mobile responsive, then you should check our themes here at C5WebDesign. We also build themes from scratch for you!

I hope this post helps anyone out there. Thanks for reading.